Global reach

Not just a business

The local market is small by most standards, limited by a population of just 460,000. Despite the size of the market, a fair proportion is affluent and demanding, leading to the need for prestigious brands and the demand for a high perceived quality.

The brands we represent are handled on a strict exclusivity policy. This ensures that the market does not suffer the consequences of rapid saturation. In addition, it encourages us to invest heavily in the marketing of brands we represent. It is only exclusivity that can guarantee a return on our marketing efforts and investments.

We at Modeltoys are constantly on the lookout for brands that tie in with our growth strategies and compliment our existing portfolios.

Experts in the field

Since our inception in 1984, Modeltoys Ltd has gradually secured its exclusive local representation of a number of internationally renowned firms. Today the company has grown into one of the major players in the local toy industry and  we have exploited all possible avenues for further development within this sector.

Eventually, we decided to look beyond our shores to maintain our growth and maintain our growth, and for the past years we have been offering the range of products we represent for export.

Our export department is now firmly established and further information can be obtained by contacting us on

Certain conditions may apply so please forward your enquiries in detail.